Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thanks and Praise

On Tuesday, Metro GM John Catoe spent “and hour or so” riding the Red Line between Union Station and Shady Grove.
We have yet to hear from anyone who actually spoke with him, but according to Metro, "the overwhelming reaction was positive, with lots of thanks and praise from the customers."
Metro added that "while Mr. Catoe is not able to get out and speak to the public as much as he would like, he does ride the train everyday to and from work."
We all know the Board could do a little more riding.
Opinions of Catoe's ride, while scarce, were varied on Twitter.
One twitterer asked why Catoe chose to ride the half of the Red Line less affected by the June 22 accident.
Another called it a gutsy move, and yet another said he hoped Catoe had a bodyguard.
Another, ironically we think, asked if it was "to show that the Red Line is safe because even the GM rides it."
On a more humorous note, another hoped Catoe wouldn’t take their seat.
What would you have said to Catoe?

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Anonymous said...

I would have asked him to finally take responsibility for all the failures that have taken place on his watch. He's responsible for everything that happens or fails to happen in his organization, and the right thing to do is resign.

Anonymous said...

I would want to know what he sees as Metro's biggest shortcomings

Anonymous said...

... once you reach Shady Grove, keep on going and please don't come back. K? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

another bs pr stunt!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start riding to work with a white T-shirt reading Fire Catoe. Bet you I receive a better reception then he did. I'll also bet I get harassed by Metro employees. But I'm ready for that too.

Brady Bonk said...

You mean to tell me that this guy doesn't ride Metro to work every single day? That's outrageous.

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