Friday, June 11, 2010

After Insult, Ms. Jeter Wants Gratitude

Below is yet another grammar-challenged salvo fired off by ATU 689 mastermind Jackie Jeter to customers concerned with the reinstatement of two Metrobus drivers once fired by Metro for what would sound like egregious errors/crimes committed on the job.

We already know where the conversation starts if Jeter is challenged, but if you're interested, here's a video interview with Jeter, which, at points, gives some more interesting insights about where she's coming from.

Summing up the video, it would appear the union would not be willing to compromise an inch, no matter how bad Metro's financial picture might get, which is odd considering the huge portion of the budget devoted to labor. Don't be surprised when Metro tries to balance its books using your wallet.

Oh, and next time you're run over, assaulted, sexually accosted, treated rudely, treated with contempt, delayed because your driver wants to grab a bite to eat, offered drugs, see your driver run a red light, board a 10-car train, get scared shitless by reckless driving, see the operator asleep at the wheel or in the kiosk, vomit from motion sickness, or see your driver texting, be sure to thank the Metro employee.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jackie Jeter
Date: Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 12:40 PM
Subject: RE: Transparency!


The slavery comment was an answer to one of the numerous e-mails sent
to me concerning the issue of the union putting two of its members
back to work. The comment was meant to show the e-mailer that
regardless of their opinion, or what you or I believe, those members
have rights, that’s why they belong to this union. And only those
enslaved by someone or something, do not! A right that allows them to
have their case taken before an arbitrator if their termination was
not handled properly by WMATA. This is the fact that has led to all
of the unsolicited conversation. And as president of this union I
don’t have the power to withhold their issue from arbitration if it
has merit. If that occurs they have the right to sue the union for
unfair representation.

Now I have read all of the comments that you’ve taken the time to
generate because someone decided to take a comment out of context.
The explanation above is why my comment was made and why I will
continue to defend the actions of this union. I represent over 7,000
workers of Metro, the majority of them do their jobs without as much
as a thank you from those of you who make your nasty criticisms, and I
represent them. There is also those workers who engage in acts which
break established rules, and I represent them. The riding public is
respected and always a concern of this local and so are my members.

Although everyone advises me to ignore your questions, opinions, and
comments, I will always attempt to explain our action to you.
Hopefully this last e-mail will shed some light on the arbitration
process that we follow.

Jackie Lynn Jeter, President
Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 689

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Anonymous said...

The more I read about Jeter and the union, the more angry I get. I'm starting to think the real villain in this sad saga is the union, not Metro, metro's too dumb to be villainous.

Matt G said...

Anon @8:05, +1.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with Anon @ 8:05am. It's disgusting how self righteous Ms. Jeter comes across in that letter.

I have lived in this city for more than 12 years and I used to be proud of metro and enjoyed being a rider. Now, I walk to and from work as frequently as possible. I do not want to give this union any more of my money than I am already forced to.

Chris said...

HA HA at your "thank the Metro employee" paragraph... and that was probably the short list!

Anonymous said...

This is not just a problem with this local.
My father is a member of ATU and has told me stories of people in his local (in PA) getting their job back with backpay after being sentenced for drug possession, etc.

So its not just down here that has the problem but the entire damn union AS A WHOLE!

Anonymous said...

oh poor baby! nasty criticisms, indeed! Oh woe is she! Woe! Alas! Alas her ass---sterisk is in dire need of an English composition class and a reality check.

She never replied to my e-mail of yesterday. Guess she has a hard time replying to valid points with concrete facts included.

I now consider the word "Jeter" as a synonym for "tasteless joke!" What a serious lack of professionalism, education and comprehension in this woman.

There is no need for unions anymore. Back when they were needed there were no laws to protect employees, no OSHA, etc. She and the union are now a bane on civilized society. And the more she quacks, the more proof she provides of this very point.

If it walks like a duck....

Anonymous said...

Who, exactly, is "everyone" that she refers to, anyway?

Anyone know if Metro is the ones running the Arlington Cemetery? Just curious....

Anonymous said...

"There is also those workers who engage in acts which break established rules, and I represent them."

I believe she is correct; that the union is legally bound to represent all members, indcluding those that break the rules.

Perhaps a good deal of blame lies with Metro Mgmt if they fire these kind of operators without following the proper procedures. I can hear it now: "Look brother, we have to let you go, but you can always take the case to arbitration. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

Anonymous said...

@8:05 +2

Anonymous said...

This is one union honcho with some major cojones.

I thank you, Ms. Jeter, for making me laugh.

Anonymous said...

My comment to Ms. Jeter:

Thousands of us in the DC area perform our jobs "without so much as a thank you"! We're paid to do a job and we do it well regardless of the amount of gratitude we are given.

I work is a position represented by a union and NEVER have I seen or heard about my union going to bat for any employee fired for criminal misconduct. It seems that ATU Local 689 allows $$$ to override morality!

Anonymous said...

Bloggers, metro riders and disgrunted employees,
lend me your rears!
I come not to praise Jeter but to laugh at her.
The evil that metro does lives after them,
The good is nonexistent and interred in illusion.
So let it be so with Metro (cause we can't do nuttin about it no-how)!
If it were not so, it would be a grievous fault,
And grievously hath Jeter answered it...
Here, under leave of metro dead and injured, and the rest,
(For Jeter is a dishonourable president;
So are they all, metro & union, all dishonourable dysfunctionals)
Come I to speak at our riding funeral...

'cause I do indeed expect to die any day riding this hell-train.

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 9:53! Hear Hear!

Anonymous said...

I just don't get what these proper procedures for firing are. It seems to me that if a person (Shawn Brim) exits his bus WHILE ON THE CLOCK to ASSAULT a person then the words, "You are fired, you can pick you your last check on X date" would be perfectly acceptable. Hell, even "Get the hell out and don't come back" would be acceptable.

Does WMATA have to hold his hand while they fire him? Do they have to promise to not hurt his feelings?

Exasperated Rider #4,250,299 said...

I'm just at the point of exasperation with all of this WMATA and ATU crap. I have no choice but to take metro to and from work, unless I want to change jobs or move into the city. I'm not a government worker, so I have to just keep forking over the bucks. Sadly, what little raise I finally got this year, will go right into the pockets of Metro.

What will it take to make Metro and the ATU hear our cries? How many people have to get injured or die to make things change? How much money do they need to squeeze from our already empty wallets to make things better?

Will it take a full week of no one riding metro to get the point across? Sadly, I doubt it. They know they have our bollocks in a vice and there's nothing we can do about it.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what the procedures are either, but they are probably more involved that the common-sense ones you mentioned since they would be spelled out in the labor contract. Like or hate the firing policy, it has to be followed for the dismissal to stick.

It would be most enlightening to see what case the union made before the arbitrator.

Ms. Jeter should not be surprised that the public is asking WHAT POSSIBLE GROUNDS could lead to those two operators being reinstated.

Asking that question does not imply whatsoever that the union should not pursue the rights of all its members.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why or how WMATA isn't an at will employer? I've never seen any of these employee problems at the companies I've worked for and they are all regular at will employment. If you F up or don't meet your review goals consistently then you are just shown the door. No questions, comments, or whining. You get rid of a bad apple and get on with the work.

W T F is wrong with WMATA for keeping this bloodsucking criminal union around?

Anonymous said...

In what context would "apparently, you believe in slavery" be appropriate?

Anonymous said...

Without so much as a THANK YOU?!?!

Go down to the South Arlington bus terminal, and look at all the Escalades, Range Rovers, Denalis, Jaguars, and El Dorados parked on the street. If that's too much trouble, go to any Metro station, and look at the luxury cars with safety vests on the dash parked in the handicapped spots in the "attended waiting only" lot.

There's your frickin' thank you!

Your members get fat salaries, and have better job security than 90% of working people. How dare you trot out the "slavery" card, and whine about not being appreciated.

You have it unbelievably good.

GrapesOfRough said...

I emailed both of MD's senators about this bullshit yesterday. I doubt I'll get a response, but at least I tried.

Someone please get rid of this blatantly corrupt and ridiculous union!

Anonymous said...

As my mother always said, have faith and do the right thing, because in the end,

Jeters never win.

Anonymous said...

oh too funny Anon 12:21! And I do so hope you are right!

I have emailed my senators two days in a row. If I hear they are doing nothing, I will do my best to vote them out in the next election, crossing party lines to do so if need be. I also referred them to this blog, sending a link for their convenience. Straighten those blog collars folks, we are on parade.. if we are lucky. hah!

Anonymous said...

With all this great "standing up for your employees" publicity, I can't wait to see Mme. Jeter's take on this one:

Anonymous said...

Let's see - another Metro employee arrested - by the MTP none-the-less. Let's see if he gets the fire-re-hire treatment as well.

If I were a better, I'd wager some serious cash that says he's an ATU member.

Anonymous said...

"An employee with Metro’s Track and Structures/Systems Maintenance Department was arrested..."

Ah, so now we know why the tracks suck and the signals don't work... the people maintaining them are DRUNK! (do they also assemble the 10-car trains?)

Anonymous said...

We riders need "Fire Jeter" buttons to pass out to bus drivers.

Anonymous said...

The newly arrested guy is never going to get fired and stayed fired. He did all that off the clock. If metro employees can assault people on the clock, drunk employees off the clock probably won't even get their wrist slapped.

Hates Plagiarists said...

@2:39PM -- Bus drivers? Wouldn't they be on Jeter's side since she's one of their own?

Anonymous said...

Don't hate the player (Jeeter), hate the game (an arbitration process in which an inept WMATA cannot make it's case stick).
She has to take her the case to arbitration in the memberships votes it through.
If we were to follow your douche bag unsuck metro logic, we would have to fire all lawyers. How can they put a fight for all those criminals?

Anonymous said...

Are we to believe that Ms. Illiterate Jeeter can make a better case before the arbitration board?
Yes, douche bag unsuck, you may be stupid enough to believe that she can make a better case than the row of lawyers working for Metro.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

Anon 1:54: How many times do you need to be told not to text while driving your bus?

Anonymous said...

Look Unsuck, I get your point. I do not like them any more than you do. And I do believe that there are plenty of Metro assholes making a bad name for the rest of us who work hard to make the system work.
The only realistic way for WMATA to make things better for all of us riders and employees, is to make better choices as far as hiring people goes.
I do ride the system on weekends, and my family and friends use it as well, but the simple fact is, the only people making decisions on who gets to drive a bus, operate a train, or sit in a kiosk is WMATA management. I do not want my friends and family to have an unpleasant experience while riding a bus or train. WMATA gets to decide who makes up the membership of ATU 689. So, if they hire a person with a GED, a criminal record, and an attitude, well they just might get what they deserve.
From a legal stand point, ATU 689 has to put up a fight for whatever stupid shit these people do, even if it doesn't make sense at all. Either they they take WMATA to arbitration (because the other numb nuts want to force the issue), or they get taken to court for taking union dues and not representing the offender, simple as that. Jeeter, or whomever is the union president, has a feduciary obligation to defend them and WMATA has to present it's case.
Even the fucking unibomber had a lawyer.
How many times do you need to be told not to text? Shit, that is not the right question. The question is, what the hell did you tell the arbitrator?
For the life of me, I you find out what she and the union said to pull it off, let me know. I have some parking tickets I'd like to make go away.
At the end of the day, WMATA has to make better choices when it comes to hiring. And if they are scraping the bottom of the barrel to drive buses and operate trains, then expect bottom of the barrel service.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why WMATA has to hire union employees at all. In my experience, unions prevent employers from firing incompetent employees and generally lead to lazier workers and lower productivity overall.

The best case scenario would be for the union to go on strike so that WMATA could bring in some non-union workers who will do the job for less money. More than likely they would do a better job as well, because they would know that they could actually be fired for screwing up.

I guarantee you that there are plenty of people out there looking for work who would gladly do the job of a Metro train or bus operator for 80% of what the union employees earn, and with a lot less attitude.

Also, just a tip here: it might be wise for the members of this particular union to nominate a president who doesn't have her priorities all mixed up and who is not borderline retarded. If she is the best that the union has to offer, I hate to think how dim-witted the actual workers must be.

subroc22 said...

Anon 5:30pm: WMATA does not have to hire union employees. WMATA hires whom it wishes and once they are employees they may join the union that represents non-management WMATA employees. There is no requirement that a WMATA non-management employee join the union, but the ATU local is bound by the contract to represent any non-management employee who believes he has been mistreated by management. Should the ATU local elect not to represent a non-management employee with a grievance against management, the ATU local risks being sued by the non-management employee.

Anonymous said...

"Don't hate the player (Jeeter), hate the game (an arbitration process in which an inept WMATA cannot make it's case stick). "

This is a comment a person lacking personal ethics would make. No, Anon, I'll hate Jeter AND the game. Maybe a few classes in ethics or philosophy would help you understand a logical argument and personal responsibility in life. Just because the "game" is played that way doesn't make it right to be a part of it. She had the power to change the game, by the way, but she NEVER will. Not to mention, she comes across as an utter moron in her comments and emails. I wouldn't trust her to write a cover letter for one of my proposals, let alone represent a union fraught in failure.

Anonymous said...

Where in the hell is the media on this? A major public figure accuses someone of supporting slavery!

That's how sad how poisoned this conversation is in America. They won't even touch it.

KUDOS to this blog for having some balls.

Anonymous said...

I am an employee of suck metro and am seeking a lawyer. I have been suspended several times and need help right away. if anyone out there could please help me or know of a lawyer that could help me i would be very happy. Metro needs to be more diverse. there is soo much favortisim in the company. everybody momma and pappie, sister, brother uncle aint baby momma drama work there that i DONT KNOW WHO to turn to.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Jeter and her half man husband are former cracker user. If the public know like I know they would rally around wmata and clean house. the place is invested with drama

Anonymous said...

You people out there in the never never land please dont come to the never never land meaning metro. The only thing i always here about metro is the only way you can get in is to know some one or blow some one. and most of the people you see working in wmata have already blown some one.

Anonymous said...

Yall people on here are so stupid and jealous. Talking about how Metro employees drive fancy cars and whatever else you said. Well let me enlighten you on a few things. The workers who you see driving these cars and living this lavish lifestyle, take a moment to ask these people how much time they spend on the job and how much time they spend with their family. You will find the answer is very unbalenced, these people practically live on the job. While you people have time to sit on your computer and blog we are out there on the bus, the train, or whatever. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years and all other holidays that you are spending eating dinner with family we are at work, wondering what our children are doing. We make great sacrifice for this job that requires a very demanding schedule. Our system have people on the clock 24/7. I have been with Metro for six years and I have missed a great deal of my young childrens lives because of my work schedule.
I am not a Jackie Jeter fan, nor am I a Metro fan, I am nothing more than a single mother that know I have two children that I must feed and be able to take to the doctors whenever something is not right. How dare you make a comment about how we are living, after all we go through we can go out and treat ourselves thats not any of your business.
If you would like to talk about something lets talk about the nature of the job. Since I have come to operate the train I have seen some things that I thought I would never see with my own eyes and yes it affects me and my home life. Last summer while operating the train a person jumped out in front of my train and committed suicide right in front of my eyes. I was out of work for 7 months going through therapy and having nightmares and on medication. Sometimes I feel like my job is a warzone. The funny part is I did enjoy operating a train. Now over a year later I am back off work due a near miss that took me back to my last years situation. To make a long story short, dont make comments about another persons job if you have never been in that persons shoes. Everyone in the Metro system are not screwups most of us take our jobs very seriously and we make great sacrifices just to make sure you all get home or to work safely. I never would have thought in a million years that I would have to go to therapy and have nightmares over something that happened while I was doing my job that I enjoyed. I would never go to your job and tell you how to do it or how much you should make so dont do it at mines, I would be willing to bet you had some screwups at your job as well.

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