Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crime Focus Misguided?

Little noticed in the wake of last week's massive fare hike was an announcement by Metro that the Board approved $2 million for safety enhancements such as "438 portable radiological detectors," "a mobile command/incident management vehicle," "technical support to move its 24-hour police dispatch center to the Carmen Turner Facility in Landover, Md." and "an additional $165,581 will be used to replace 271 bullet-resistant vests."

We all want a safer Metro, but perhaps Metro should concentrate more on every day threats like the crowds at Gallery Place, stabbings and sexual assaults.

Unfortunately, according to this post on the Books are My Boyfriend blog, Metro seems to slough off many daily occurrences that sometimes make riding the Metro awful, particularly for female riders.

Here's the key passage from the post, which relates the disturbing story of what appears to be a regular upskirt picture taker at Court House:
The very helpful female WMATA woman ... told me he looks like the guy who stands at the bottom of the escalators every morning looking up girls' skirts. I waited while she called the Metro Transit Police, who sent over an officer, who pretty much said since I already filed a report with Arlington that they didn't want double reports, but that if I see him again I should say something and that the two departments can work together.
So Metro knew of this person and hadn't done anything? Sure sounds that way.

They better break out those new vests and get that mobile command/incident management vehicle there ASAP!


Anonymous said...

Whatever your merits are, relational logic does not seem to be among them.

Anonymous said...

Just another case of cashing in on the post 9/11 scare. Sure there *might* be a radiological attack but your chances of getting stabbed, mugged or otherwise are MUCH higher. Put the money where the problems are, and don't play robocop.

shandrapay said...

I have seen this guy at Court House. Always assumed he operated under the radar, but lo and behold, he's sort of like that raccoon. A pet the employees all fondly chuckle about.

Anonymous said...

Metro copsl Equipped with the latest and greatest gear, but never around when you need us. Oh, and if you do see us, don't interrupt our chat with the station managers.

Anonymous said...

What is logical about Metro? Nothing./

Hates Plagiarists said...

Would someone please explain to this ignorant person (namely, me) what I am missing? I’ve read an re-read the snippet about the upskirt picture taker, but for some reason it’s not sinking in. Am I just taking this out of context, or is the one synapse I have no longer firing? Let me pull out exactly what I’m having problems understanding and someone can clue me in. “Already filed a report with Arlington that they didn't want double reports” and “I see him again I should say something and that the two departments can work together”. Uh, it’s that what she’s doing?? Reporting it a SECOND time? Again, maybe I misunderstood and need to schedule an appointment with my eye doctor as well as with a neurologist. Anyone?? Anyone??

Anonymous said...

@Hates Plagiarists:

The Metro Transit Police did not want to take down the report since she already reported it to the Arlington police. I guess they don't want to do the paperwork.

She's reporting it the Metro Transit Police for the first time. If she sees him again, she will have to contact the Metro Transit Police and Metro Transit Police will contact Arlington police and work together.

How about Metro Transit Police stop passing the buck and do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

You mean stand around with their toy guns? Every time I see a metro cop dressed up as GI Gump I want to ask him when he is going to get a big boy gun.

Hates Plagiarists said...

Thanks, Anon 1:03PM! Well that’s rotten! Just because it was reported to the Arlington Police means little to me as it HAPPENED on METRO property. Ladies, stay safe and be alert!

Stefanie and JR said...

WOW there are alot of retards that ride the metro everyday. Seems most of them are on this site posting things. How about lets shut the metro down for a day and see how all you retards get around and how much you complain.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am appalled. So many childish and disrespectful comments here. Like any department, I'm sure MTPD has its slackers. However, transit officers put their lives on the line every day. When another MTPD officer dies in the line of duty protecting YOU, how will you respond? That "toy gun" is there to protect human life. Be glad someone is brave enough to carry it for YOUR sake.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

Apparently, the Arlington Police have caught the suspect:

Anonymous said...

@5:25pm: "However, transit officers put their lives on the line every day."

They do? All I see is them standing around trying to catch fare jumpers. How about patrolling the train cars? How about being more proactive about theft? How about TAKING DOWN A SEXUAL ASSAULT REPORT?

Yeah that's what I thought.

Snap to the Arlington Police for caring and not being sexist.

Anonymous said...

Yes, anon 4:01, they do. Like every other police officer in the country who risks not coming home every day.

I happen to know a few Metro Officers. I also happen to know that, when it comes to police work, very often, the big comes from the small. Do you know how many felons and fugitives have been identified and arrested after being stopped for fare evasion?

Be more proactive about theft? I don't see how Metro could be MORE proactive. Metro had a special robbery unit out in the system making multiple arrests daily and they had special details of officers at hard hit stations. Personally, I think Metro babied patrons and should have made it clear that "Hey, maybe you shouldn't hold your phone out like a piece of candy in front of a baby. Oh yea, maybe you should be a little aware of your surroundings too". At some point, people have to take some responsibility.

As for taking down a sexual assault report, I have no clue what you are referring to.

Regardless of what you think, Metro remains one of the safest AND cleanest systems in the world and that is due, in part, to good officers. If you dont think so, go ride in Philly or NYC for a few days.

PS: MTPD Officer Marlon F. Morales, age 32, died of a gunshot wound on Wednesday, June 13, 2001 after stopping a subject for FARE EVASION. He was shot in the face. He left behind a wife and three children. http://www.odmp.org/officer/15717-officer-marlon-francisco-morales

Anonymous said...

The Arlington police caught the guy. Something similar happened to me last week. Why do some guys think they can do this? Ugh!!

@4:50pm the person was talking about this post. If you go to her blog or the hollaback dc site, you will see that the metro police did not want to take a report about the guy taking pics up her skirt for whatever reason.

Perhaps you can ask some of your metro police friends why?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 6:26. Im not an expert, but for clarification (for anon 4:01), that is not a sexual assault. What Arlington probably arrested him for is unlawful photographing (VA code 18.2-386.1).

No idea why MTPD didn't take a report as well. Maybe something having to do with SOPs? I known if you, for example, get robbed, make a report with one department and then try to go make a report with another department that has concurrent jurisdiction (i.e. State Police and a county police department), the latter won't take the report. Normally, they will refer you to the reporting agency. I don't know what the officer said or did, but he may very well have reported it to a supervisor or detective for follow up with Arlington PD. I just think it is a bad idea to jump to conclusions when we don't know where things went from there. Just because there was no report taken doesn't mean nothing was accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Last weekend, I was on a 31/32/36 bus going home from working, and sat in the row behind some guy. I was reading my book, and noticed that he started taking pictures of himself with his phone, including me in the frame. OK, so a little creepy, so I put my hand over my face. He then holds up the phone so that it is clearly in my range of view, and starts flipping through the other pictures on his phone, including penis shots and full-body naked pictures of himself. What the hell is wrong with people?

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