Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here's the Training You Asked For

According to a Metro worker quoted in a WTOP report, the reason some Metro workers put a 10-car train in service the other day was because WMATA hasn't provided them with the right amount of training.

Well, here you go. Take it slowly. You'll get the hang of it. You can just skip over 9 and 10.


Anonymous said...

The dog ate my homework.

Anonymous said...

Obviously large numbers are of no concern to WMATA... haven't you seen a train platform at Metro Center during rush hour?

Anglophile said...

Note the Function/Part of Speech. Why do people turns nouns into verbs?

Pronunciation: \ˈplat-ˌfȯrm\
Function: noun
Date: 1535
a usually raised horizontal flat surface; a raised flooring

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:57 AM - don't you mean raccoon?

Anonymous said...

Who turned a noun into a verb? A "train platform" is a place, therefore a noun. Grammar police here are as inept as WMATA police.

Anonymous said...

They can't count cars on trains but they can count their money. More increase in fares on top of the new increases and peak of the peak surcharges. The finance committee is gunning for more money.

The counting issue is apparently dependent upon what, exactly, is being counted.

Anonymous said...

Union mentality. It's never the operator's fault. I'm a former operator and that is CRAP!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they were just trying to balance out the 4 car trains they have been putting on the Red Line during rush hour lately.

Anonymous said...

Hey former operator - be careful! Bet they fluff you for being honest in public. Wear shades... and try to look guilty. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yet more proof the union members will say or do anything to save their butts.

A bad example for unions everywhere. Shame on them.

hrh king friday xiii, ret. said...

No, Unsuck, stop! That video contains numbers AND colors. You're just confusing them more!

Hates Plagiarists said...

Actually, @9:54, Unsuck needs to stop as I started giggling! Luckily I (1) did not listen to the video and (2) when I did, it wasn't when I was drinking something!

Just kidding, of course, Unsuck! Never stop with this blog! Reading it makes me less stressed about Metro and gives me something to giggle about.

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