Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Buses Skip Stops, Avoid Paying Customers

Abysmal bus service.

From Sarah:
Just writing to find out if this is a common and/or acceptable circumstance.

While waiting for the 90 or 92 running south in the mornings on multiple occasions I have been passed up by the Metrobus driver.

It is understandable for a driver to do this when there is another, less full bus traveling a few minutes behind, but this has also happened when NextBus shows the next one not coming for 20 minutes.

(Sidenote: If the driver would take the time to instruct people to move back there would be room for additional passengers. Once, I asked a driver to request passengers move back but he ignored me, but that is another issue altogether.)

When I was passed by the other day, the driver stopped to let people off at a corner one block away from the next stop so she would not have to let the waiting passengers at that stop board.

I have been a passenger on the bus when this is done as well. The driver gives riders a heads up that she will not stop at the marked spot but they should get ready to get off quickly so others cannot run toward the bus from the next stop in attempt to get on.

Have others encountered this? Is it acceptable WMATA procedure?
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