Friday, September 2, 2011

Scary Red Line Pranks?

Has anyone else experienced this?

From J:
This incident scared the living daylights out of those of us on board. You could call it a morning heart attack.

It was on the Red Line between Brookland and Rhode Island Ave. heading toward Shady Grove. It was between 8:30 and 9 Wednesday morning in what seemed like a rush-hour commute.

To my joy and delight, the car I was on wasn’t overly crowded, and things were quiet, which made it even more disturbing when someone who was NOT the train operator (the voice was completely different) got on the train’s intercom and began screaming, “Oh my god! We’re going too fast! I can’t stop. I can’t stop!”

Startled, I looked up from my book and looked around. Other passengers were also startled, but we soon realized it wasn’t an emergency and probably some kind of prank.

The train continued to run smoothly, though the next times the real train operator made announcements, he acted as though nothing happened. Needless to say, my heart didn’t stop racing until I was off the train.
From Z:
I was traveling on a Red Line train in the direction Shady Grove Tuesday morning on my way to work when the train operator came over the loudspeaker a minute or two before arriving at the NY Ave. stop to shout, "I can't stop, can't stop, can't stop!" in what I assume he thought was a hilarious joke.

Needless to say, neither I nor any of the other passengers in the car were amused in the slightest.
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