Friday, September 23, 2011

A Good Idea?

From Laura:
I get on and off at Greenbelt on the days I take Metro to work, and so I routinely see tourists or travelers going to and from BWI.

It occurs to me that WMATA probably makes bank off unused fare cards, i.e. travelers that put $20 on a card at the beginning of their stay, only use $10 of it, and then go back to their own cities.

So here's my question: Has there ever been an attempt to establish a program where tourists can donate their unused fare cards as they're leaving town to a program that will redistribute that money to, say, unemployed people going to job interviews, or another good cause?
We asked Metro since as, on the surface, it seems like a good idea and might help with the image problem.

Here's what they said:
This has not been an idea that has been formally considered.
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