Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oops They Did it Again

ALERT: WTOP is reporting that the Orange line is again experiencing delays because the same vacuum truck that derailed this morning has derailed again.

" Riders who travel past the East Falls Church Station are being told to expect major delays through the early part of the evening rush."

Atta boy!

No update on the Orange Line Twitter feed.

UPDATE Here's the text from the Orange Line's last Tweet:

Disruption at Court House. Orange Line trains are sharing the same track between Foggy Bottom-GWU and Clarendon stations due to emergenc ...
Metro's press release on the incident

Has anyone out there tried "slugging?" How would you compare it to Metro, taking into account that today is a particularly bad day, even for a dilapidated system like Metro.


Anonymous said...

Slugging has been pretty hit or miss for me. Just like Metro seems to be these days.

Anonymous said...

To give Metro the benefit of the doubt, how else are you going to get the vacuum truck off the rails and back to the maintenance yard.

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