Thursday, April 16, 2009

America's Subway--a First Impression

We don't go to Metro Center much, but as the hub of Metro, you'd think maybe WMATA would want to make a little better impression. Check out the slide show of what we found yesterday leaving the 12th and G exit. Pretty sad. The photos should be in order as you get off the train. Yeah, we're not photographers, but you get the idea. Since the captions don't seem to appear, here they are:

1.) Weird caged in area on west end of platform. Do they raise chickens in there at night?
2.) Dope signage
3.) Huge area of missing/damaged ceiling tiles and a water leak
4.) Of course
5.) "America's Subway" Awww!

Wonder what our Czech reader thinks of this shabbiness. Any photogs out there want to go to a better job?

Other news:
Dedicated Funding Falters (DC Examiner)

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Anonymous said...

America is crumbling.

DKline said...

Nice posting. Something similar could be done at most Metro stations.

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