Friday, April 17, 2009

Caption Contest V

Last week, we thought we found the most bizarre and inexplicable Metro photo we've seen on Flickr. Now, we top that. Write a caption for this photo using the comments. Funny/clever trumps obscene.

Here's our try: Metro needs to buy different warning pylons.

And no, we did not "stage" this photo. Ew.

Previous contests: here, here, here and here

Photo: Andy Caster

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Anonymous said...

People lose their minds when their trains suddenly go out of service.

DCiter said...

No eating, no drinking and no sex within the Metro system

themnu said...


Anonymous said...

The best ride in the nation!

Steve said...

When Metro's floor is wet, there's no telling what you'll drop.

Anonymous said...

In Japan you have to buy panties out of a vending machine. On Metro, they're free!

Unknown said...

Even panty lines stand to the right.

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