Monday, April 20, 2009

A Rainy Commute That Sucked

Ok, you know on a day like today Metro is going to suck. Just leaving the house sucks.
We had braced ourselves for the suffocating embrace of humidity, body odor and bad breath that is inevitable on dreary, dank days, but today, as we tried to get on board at East Falls Church, a woman was getting off the train and while still in the Metro, began to open her rather large golf umbrella, nearly gouging out the eyes of several and giving the rest of us a nice spritz before getting on. We guess she didn't want one single drop of rain to hit her. Thanks, lady! Suck up!

Thanks for the mention, Express.

Other news:
Metro should listen to its ridership more as fare increases are a near certainty. (GGW)
WaPo's "get there" Q&A

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is it really too much to pay IStock Photos or Corbis to use their images?

Unsuck DC Metro said...

When we start making money off this site--not bloody likely--we'll pay.

shelley bdd said...

Umbrella etiquette is sorely lacking on metro. do you really need an umbrella that would cover five people?

Anonymous said...

We had it bad on MARC too today. No HVAC/AC running on the 7AM from Gaithersburg. The quiet car may have well been a funeral train. Smelled awful, felt worse.

tinyraisins said...

My favorite is when they swing the closed golf umbrellas back and forth. Don't walk to close to those people.

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