Saturday, April 4, 2009

Early Cherry Blossom Report Not Good

Reports from the Twitosphere and first hand accounts point to a mess on Metro this morning.

Ticket lines at Dunn Loring are filling the entire station, and Metro offers up a four-car train! Standing room only.

From Twitterdom:

-Good luck to you going into DC. Not sure how the driving is but metro craycray.

-just heard metro farecard lines in NOVA is ridiculously long. why don't DC area residents keep a $10 metro cards handy!

-DC metro is totally not prepared for the cherry blossom festival crowds

-Oh dear. The DC metro is crazy.

-PSA to all tourists in dc for the cherryblossoms: pls, pls let other people off the metro before u swarm in like the last heli out of saigon

-Metro into DC- crowded!

-waiting to get on the metro rail in DC! this is crazy!

-Evidently cherry blossoms are bigger than elvis in dc. I've never seen so many people on metro.

-Greenbelt metro=crazy. Going to DC for the cherry blossoms

-HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! The line for fare passes at West Falls Church is all the way across I-66 to the kiss and ride!!! INSANE!

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Anonymous said...

four car trains! insane

Anonymous said...

Insane lines at Greenbelt to get tickets.

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