Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Orange Line Needs Love

"Disruption at Foggy Bottom-GWU. Expect delays to New Carrollton and Largo Town Center due to unscheduled track maintenance. Trains are traveling at a reduced speed through Foggy Bottom station." (via WMATA)

@VaENew I would STRONGLY recommend you avoid the orange/blue line toward largo/new carrellton if you can, its barely moving

@nmicon still stranded on wmata. wtf. #epicfail

@ahwahoo2006 Great orange line delays - gonna be a long trip home methinks

And let's not leave out the Blue Line:

@chadmcneeley 40 minutes from Pentagon to Foggy on the Blue. Trains are still running at 5mph between Foggy and Metro. Bad couple of days.


Anonymous said...

Unscheduled track maintenance? Doesn't that mean something about the track broke without warning?

Unsuck DC Metro said...


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