Friday, April 3, 2009

WMATA On Twitter

Here's a sampling of WMATA's image on Twitter from the past day or so (one page of results):

-Note to WMATA: it's supposed to be less wet inside the bus than outside.

-The bus driver took a wrong turn. This is a first and a surprise. Damn WMATA!

-Orange Line: Disruption between Dunn Loring-Merrifield and Vienna/Fairfax-GMU in both directions. Trains are sharing the same track betwe.*

-Blue Line: Disruption at Potomac Ave. Due to mechanical difficulties, all the station's entrance escalators are out of service. The .*

-There is no a/c on my Is this a dumb attempt at cost cutting, wmata??

-Major foggy bottom escalator issues, again. Wmata should discount all fares in/out of station when this happens. Motivation for repair?

-Escalators out at foggy bottom. Damn line just to get to metro station

-Is WMATA on Twitter? If so, listen up. Fix the friggin Foggy Bottom escalators! And thanks for all those fare hikes. Def. worth it!

-WMATA gets bonus points for having an out of schedule bus

-Disruption at Friendship Heights towards Glenmont. Trains are sharing the same track between Medical Center and Friendship Heig.*

-Midday maintenance and shared track resulting in 30 minute @wmata delay, also not cool.

* These are WMATA's own Tweets. Apparently they don't realize there's a character limit.

Quick hits:
-If you're interested in the chat Metro held today with GM John Catoe, PR chief Lisa Farbstein will have to do. Mr. Catoe could not make it. We wish the reason had been because he was stuck on Metro, but alas, he had jury duty.
-Expect a busy weekend on Metro
-How to get to the Nationals games (as if you'd want to) on Metro. Walking from Capitol South might make more sense for Orange/Blue line riders.
-A thrilling new audiocast is now available

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Anonymous said...

Did you just take the bad ones?

Unsuck DC Metro said...

No, that was just one page of any relevant mention of WMATA.

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