Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tardy Slips

Looks like even more fun on the Red Line this morning, although this one's not on WMATA.
With all the delays, we started wondering if people have ever gotten in trouble at work because they were held up by a Metro malfunction? We’ve had a few close calls, and yesterday’s fun on the Red Line was a real nail biter.
If you have a jerk for a boss, there's hope.
While not advertised on the WMATA, a.k.a metroopensdoors, Web site, Metro can actually provide you with a letter, on a "case by case basis" explaining the reason for your delay providing it was longer than "15-20 minutes," according to a customer service representative.
Given the difficulty customers have trading in demagnetized fare cards, we think it'd be a nightmare to have to deal with WMATA for something like this, but it's nice to know there's a hail Mary option given the regularity with which the ailing mass transit system goes berserk.
Perhaps WMATA could look into the system set up by the Long Island Rail Road (part of New York’s MTA). They have an automated "late letters" service they claim can get you an excuse letter the same day. Check out more about it here. (Scroll down a bit.)
While Metro’s system is not nearly as advanced, if you find yourself chronically late because of Metro and getting in trouble for it, you can try to get your boss off your back by calling Metro’s customer assistance line at 202-637-1328. Let us know how that goes.--Tim Casey

Touching Tweet of the Day:
@atiyah9369 Morning twitters I am praying for a good commute day...

Other news:
For all three of you going to the Nats game, some good news.
Interesting piece on the poorly designed bus system (Goodspeed Update) thanks @seanr1978
GGW's 12-minute Metrobus map

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Anonymous said...

I've read in Japan you automatically get "late letters" if your train is more than 1 minute late.

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