Thursday, April 9, 2009

MetroAccess Under Review

Looks like yesterday's article in the Examiner lit a fire under Metro to at least issue a press release that it's "looking at ways to manage the increasing ridership and cost of MetroAccess, the service for people whose disabilities prevent them from using Metrobus or Metrorail."

"Limiting service to the three-quarter-mile corridor could save Metro $2.8 million per year," the release read.

We love the spin in the title of the press release: "APTA peer review finds service exceeds ADA requirements." Read differently, it could say "Experts agree that Metro is spending your money to provide service it's not legally bound to provide."

Other news: Metro adding cars on Green/Red lines
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Michael said...

I'm working to make sure the Board members' staffers are as informed as they can be.

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