Friday, July 10, 2009

Bus Driving is Less Dull Than Train Operation

The original title of this post was going to be "Why bus drivers don't text or sleep behind the wheel," but, as an article in today's Examiner seems to show, they apparently sometimes read while in the driver's seat. While they probably shouldn't be reading on the job, you'd have to be completely insane to read while the bus was moving. You'd think the same principle would apply on trains though.
As this video shows, there appear to be fewer dull moments on a bus. Hard to blame the guy for getting a little angry.

Original YouTube post by lilrenzo2004 is here.

Wacko rider+angry driver=screwed passengers

Other items:
Red Line to Get $177M Overhaul (WaPo)
Hilarious photo (thanks theKyleBogucki)
Metro union wants discussion on malfunctioning equipment (WTOP)

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brh said...

Call the po-lice! Call the po-lice!

Anonymous said...

...I can't understand a damned thing they're saying.

Sean Robertson said...

Neither can I. LOL

Anonymous said...

Damn that looks like Cedric in one of his characters.

Anyway, this driver should get an award. He probably put up with enough of Cedric's disorderly conduct prior to the start of the video, and imagine what some of the passengers had to put up with. I'd love it if more drivers started kicking disorderly riders off the bus. It's our bus, everyone's, the driver has to have orderly passengers for a safe ride for everyone, and riding the bus is not a right, it's contingent upon not being a nuisance or safety hazard to everyone around you. Off the bus, Cedric.

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