Monday, July 27, 2009

Smile. No, Not for the Camera!

Talk about going the extra mile for the customer!
We know Metro employees don't like to smile for the camera, and we've also experienced and heard about quite a bit of less-than-polite behavior by employees. Again, we know there are good folks who work for Metro, but as a whole, we wonder how Metro would score on a new software system being used by the Keihin Express Railway Co., in Tokyo, Japan, that rates employees' smiles to ensure they are greeting customers with their best grin.
According to the article:

The company has installed the system to help employees check their smiles before heading out to face customers. The test is optional, but at major stations like Shinagawa, the 250,000 riders who pass through per day can be rushed and agitated, and a happy face can go a long way.

"Smiling helps our interaction with the passengers. I think the atmosphere becomes more relaxing with a smile," says [employee Mitsue Endo], whose job includes helping lost customers find their way and dealing with ticketing mishaps.

Keihin is a privately held commuter railway with five lines and over 87 kilometers of track, according to Wikipedia.

If Metro can ever get a grip on the basics, it would be a welcome change of culture to see it actually strive for excellence like Keihin. Has John Catoe, a member of the Board or anyone in Metro's upper management ever been to Japan? They could learn a thing or a couple thousand.

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Paul said...

yeah when I visited Tokyo, they all did a fantastic job helping me even with the language barrier. It's not just in the subway, but also in the hotel, restaurants and everywhere were service is a priority

Anonymous said...

What is worse than no smile? One that you can tell is fake.

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