Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nerves Fraying on the Red Line

Rizzz @cyn3matic I'd love for someone at #WMATA to let us know what the effing deal is. An ETA for when normal service will resume would be nice.
anthonyjennings Broken doors, sick passenger on Red line. 49 minutes into commute and still have 11 stops to go. :-( #wmata
lividyoungnpoor Hey #wmata its cool if you don't wanna send any trains towards shady grove this morning. None of us have places to be or anything. Its cool.
ems122 Public transportation in DC is officially awful. Thanks, #wmata
tjoselow Dear WMATA: It's been a great 10 years of daily commuting, but if you don't get your act together by next week, I'm driving.
colinschmitt #redline #wmata FAIL. Simply.
Emmaleigh504 Metro rage guy looks a lot like the guy who pushed a chick of a train yesterday. Wmata ppl are going to start killing soon.
Rizzz 65 minutes from Rockville to Dupont Circle. Metro is broken beyond repair. #RedLine #wmata
whitneykemp Dear wmata red line why is it that you make me either EXTREMELY early or annoying late. Please get fixed ASAP. Thanks, love whitney
edwardaggie98 This red line shit is really getting old. #wmata
Ray_Rahmati Trying to figure out a way to get my parking reimbursed on a daily basis. I'm DONE with Metro. Thoughts? #WMATA
furiousmb Well, it's official. DC Metro is a collosal, weighty, compressed, steaming loaf of shit. Why leave early if I will be late anyway?
cameronhardesty would like to know the names of the incompetents running DC Metro. sweet job Fenty
mjscurato DC metro lies too much. There is a "train directly in front of us" or a "train malfunction" in front of EVERY SINGLE TRAIN. Something's odd.
stephobadia Red Line = Paid torture
ATBinDC Thanks Metro, for another unpleasant ride on the red line. And why does my Metro station smell like urine??
idothis4fun I'm still stuck on the red line...the train is literally not only went one stop in the past 25 mins
schmaity I am sooo tired of the red line being such a complete mess! It should not take me an hour and 15 min to get to work. Gah!!
jbilligmeier 45 Minutes on the red line to go a whole two stops. Looks like i'll get to work at 11
andrewrosenthal Dc red line is a mess. Taxis up and down conneticut are full.
lividyoungnpoor Hot mess on the red line...
breedlove Sardined on an idle red line Metro train.
spearsarah for fuck's sake wmata get it together.
johnkharrison DC Metro needs to get the Red Line functioning again. 16 minutes for a train during rush hour??? I'm walking.
chadcopeland It's probably a good thing the police are at every red line station this morning because this nonsense may lead to violence!
cameronhardesty today is the last day i'm using metro. iit's such a joke
s1ncer1ty I'm about ready to ditch Metro completely. Bus saves me $62 per month and actually runs.

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Riz said...

And it's only going to get worse.

WMATA needs to freaking tell us when normal service is going to resume!

Hostage Hoosier said...

and summer has only just poor red liners.

Anonymous said...

it's going to a long brutal summer. I think Metro should give everyone a week free to make up for this crap.

Anonymous said...

Call for Catoe's resignation! Dude needs to go. Under his "leadership" things have only gotten worse.

real leadership would be bringing together regional leaders to get dedicated federal funding for the FEDERAL district mass transit.

Paul said...

Here is an interesting read I have today. Berlin, Germany is currently experiencing a similar problem with its S-Bahn (techically, it's more like VRE than Metro) and I have to say they handled it in a much different and in my opinion better way.

Basically what happened was that earlier this year, a S-Bahn train jumped out of the rail due to a fractured wheel. No injury or death so it was a much smaller incident than the Metro crash. In May after the investigation, the railroad agency (the closest counterpart in the US is FTA I guess) told the S-Bahn operator to inspect S-Bahn train wheels every seven days. Just like with Metro, S-Bahn went through numerous cost cuts so basically they didn't have the capacity to do the inspection due to closed maintainance shops.

Well needless to say they didn't do what the German FTA told them to do and just recently, the FTA ordered all of the over 300 affected train cars to be pulled. Obviously, trains became overcrowded and not many riders were happy.

In addition, yesterday or so, the board decided to pull the GM (well it was a resignation but it's pretty clear that it was forced). It was also announced that train riders will be reinbursed for the delays caused due to pulled trains.

Tom A. said...

Catoe must go. He's costing WMATA bucket loads in lost revenue. I've abandoned metro until it's back to a somewhat normal schedule.

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