Monday, July 6, 2009

NextBus Reviews Mixed but Trend Positive

NextBus service is eerily accurate.. :-) Can make or break a "good" morning, in my opinion.

AmberPittser Nextbus is really cool. Predicted my bus within 40 seconds this morning! Great job @wmata!
tedrick #nextbus #dc success! site smart enough to list multiple routes, 0 min and #bus appears!
tnt_tech WMATA finally goes live with NextBus Service. It works great frm iPhone.
ericnuzum all hail NextBus. What a shockingly useful and effective tool...from Metro of all organizations
cksieloff I heart NextBus. Way to go, #wmata!
anikjain I used NextBus today at lunch and it worked like a charm...walked up to the bus stop right as my bus got there! Thanks WMATA!
matt3470 oh i love this new goodie - NextBus is live!!! #nextbus #wmata #metro #dc #transit
mbercovici day 1 of my metro breakup. SO over farragut north. NextBus app is up, used for am & pm bus. actually worked.
mazzie Just played #wmata roulette with nextbus and won. Let a packed bus pass for an empty one a minute later.
kaprian Successfully used #NextBus ( this morning . It was right on the money.
nickcf Much to my surprise NextBus actually worked today (although I suspect a bus came in between scheduled stops)
kaprian #NextBus ( was very accurate in predicting when the packed bus would zoom by my stop without picking anyone up.
krnjulia89 @alexpriest the #nextbus feature is pretty sick. no more guessing how late I'll be to work now. :)
cnyttan the new metro nextbus page really works! i knew exactly when to go to the bus stop .
emilytbever NextBus is my hero for the day!! Have to go directly to their site on my phone. Metro link doesn't work #wmata
Petersrole Just conducted my first test of NextBus (from the safety of my living room). Bus was about six minutes past schedule, and NextBus knew it.

myriadian @nolageek @mazzie I'm not impressed with nextbus, it looks unintelligable. (Sp?)
delrayser NextBus FAIL
Jessican_DC tried the NextBus thing, but the automated system couldn't recognize my keypad to enter the stop ID. #wmata
KatyComeTrue Big @wmata fail. "Next Bus" launched tody but doesn't recognize my bus route as valid. Even after six tries. No clue when the next bus is.
lustyreader @KatyComeTrue lame-o! also lame that they only have the "next bus" display in SOME the bus stops. not all of us have bberries, etc.
jdar #dc the new lauded #NextBus system == Horrendous. Shameful. Frustrating. WTF? We paid HOW much?

WaPo story on NextBus

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