Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Metro Tweets Response to Escalator Issues

Order is reversed to read more easily:

  • metroopensdoors Metro posted the unabridged 308-page escalator/elevator report on its website at:
  • metroopensdoors Metro report: major factor of the state of escalators/elevators is result of years of lack of adherence to Metro's maintenance standards
  • metroopensdoors Report identifies escalator brakes among several issues to be addressed. Greater emphasis should have been placed on brakes as safety issue
  • metroopensdoors Metro has inspected 405 units; replaced 25 brakes & taken 47 units out of service for brake pad replacement or oil contamination remediation
  • metroopensdoors Any Metro escalator inspection that reveals a potential safety hazard results in that escalator immediately being removed from service
  • metroopensdoors Metro is on schedule to complete all brake inspections this week
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