Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nail Clipping on Metro

By far, the most commonly observed sociopathic behavior on Metro is nail clipping. Unsuck saw it again yesterday on the Orange Line in the middle of rush hour.

Why do people do this?

If you've never witnessed it, it's a sight to behold.

Usually, there's no attempt to be surreptitious. No eyes darting around the Metro to see who might be watching. No keeping hands low and covering up the clipping sounds with cammo-coughs. No odd contortions. No concealment of the dirty deed at all. The culprits brazenly break out the clippers and hack away, letting the nails fly loose.

One can sort of wrap the mind around Metro pariahs like seathogs, eater-drinkers, creepy dudes, loudmouths--even arm barber (that hair ain't gonna trim itself) but the subway nail clippers ... It's beyond comprehension and way, way too common.

And it's not just DC. Nail clipping seems to be so rampant in NYC that there was a guerrilla
to snuff it out.

What do you think could explain such behavior?

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Photo: mr_t_in_dc. Original pic here.
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