Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sometimes, the Metro Gods Smile

This blog gets dinged for seldom highlighting the positive side of Metro, so here's one.

This afternoon, I was planning to meet some friends in Ballston.

Even living within a 5-minute walk of the East Falls Church station, just one stop from Ballston, it's usually a no-brainer to drive there instead of taking Metro, especially on the weekends, when trains are about as predictable as the Redskins offense, but today the normally trusty car wouldn't start.

I informed my friends I would be late, thinking I'd have to face the ol' weekend Metro nightmare, but by the time I got to the station, the train was a mere 3 minutes out--better most rush hours.

I was in Ballston in about the time it would have taken to drive.

Furthermore, I was able to enjoy several adult beverages without even thinking about driving home. That alone is worth a lot.

On the way home, I arrived in the Ballston station, and the train was only 6 minutes away.

In a relative flash, I was back home, banging out a rare positive post about Metro.

The Metro gods are usually a surly lot, but tonight they were smiling on this rider.

Well done this time, Metro. You came through in a pinch.
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