Friday, April 3, 2009

Caption Contest III

Write a caption for the above photo using the comments. Here's our try:

"Working," apparently means not working in the WMATA dictionary.

Previous caption contests here and here.


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Anonymous said...

On WMATA, broken escalators don't become stairs.

jes p kin said...

To the right is the Smithsonian and to the left is Washington Metro's famous "escalator that never works."

Arnold K said...

Washington's Metro system faces a budget gap because no one is able to enter the stations.

Anonymous said...

Metro has finally found one thing it does well.

Unknown said...

Metro: Turning escalators into non-working stairs since 1976.

Sean Robertson said...

Metro: Working to give you more exercise.

Anonymous said...

Metro. The Greatest Jobs Program Taxpayer Money Can Buy!

Hope and Change? No, We've got Delay and Indifference Though....

Metro: How White Guilt Can Build a Crappy Subway

Metro: Your Big Government Jobs Program (Now With Rails!)

Unsuck DC Metro said...

A little heavy, but OK, I guess.

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