Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Total Elevator Outage Strikes Again.

UPDATE: "Ballston. All station escalators and elevators have returned to service." A complete tweet. Hooray!

Yesterday, many of the escalators at Wheaton, which has some of the longest in the world were down.

"No Line: Disruption at Wheaton. Due to mechanical difficulties all platform escalators are out of service. The station elevator is operat.."

Today the escalator bug has apparently hit Ballston, according to this cryptic WMATA tweet:

"No Line: Disruption at Ballston. All of the station's escalators and elevators are out of service. Shuttle bus service has been requ.."

THE ABOVE TWEET IS NOT FROM WMATA click here for details

I wonder if they know their tweets are getting cut off?

Anyone out there know what "no line" means?

Other news:
John Catoe is a brave man?

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Michael said...

Well, I did inform Metro about their excessively lengthy tweets and got this response:

"Thx. :)"

Steve said...

"No Line" means no particular color ("line") of train is affected in that announcement. They tend to only use that when something is wrong at a station but the trains are moving as normal. Just cause no one could get in or out of Ballston or Wheaton doesn't mean the trains were broken.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

Thanks for the comment.

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