Monday, February 9, 2009

Customer Service Test

Several readers have inquired about stories involving customer service--or lack thereof-- of Metro employees, and this piece by Adam Tuss on WTOP points out the good and the bad. We've not dealt with Metro employees enough to really have a sense of what level of service is typically out there, but we do know there there is a VERY verbose driver often on the Orange Line who is very concerned about the doors.

In our experience this is the only attempt I've ever seen Metro make to assess riders' opinion of the service.

We'd like to enlist your help. Next time you think about it, ask a station manager a simple question like 'how do I get to so and so' or if you can use the bathroom. Keep it simple, and report back to us what you find.

Avoid the Pentagon this weekend!

Photo: John Morris


Anonymous said...

In ten years of riding Metro, I've had to deal with their staff maybe 3 times. Most of the time they seem to not want to be bothered, but they eventually will help.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

I was going to attempt this test this morning at East Falls Church, but there was no station manager on hand. Next time.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

Tried again this morning, but again there was no one there.

I do have a question though. Why does the East Falls Church station always look freshly hosed down at RUSH HOUR? Every night when I get back, usually around 6, the platforms and the station below are wet. Same deal in the mornings around 8. Seems like a bad time to wet down floors.

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