Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kiss and Ride

After today, we think it might be better called "grin and bear it."

Luckily, we weren't stuck on the Metro home bound this evening, but we stopped by the East Falls Church station and got some very mixed messages. The station attendant said the trains "were a little delayed," but the complete logjam of cars in the parking lot in addition to the eerie lack of people walking around said otherwise.

We spotted a train about a quarter mile east of the station just sitting there.

Great day, Metro. Really, we thank you.

Would love to hear from some folks who experienced what one reader called "the worst day ever" with regard to Metro.

Twitter update: The Orange Line tweeted us at 7:31 p.m. to let us know there were delays. Gee thanks!


Anonymous said...

I was there this morning on the Orange Line, from EFC to downtown. Besides Metro spending money on getting bright, shiny new handrails in various places (where there are no stairs, and no need for handrails) when they could have spent the money on, I dunno, fixing shit, I think the next most annoying thing is when the train is stalled somewhere in a tunnel, and the operator indicates that there was a derailing, that Metro is using a single line from X to Y stations, and that we'll be holding here "momentarily." Momentarily??? The PC comments they give are as incredibly lame as the "gentle" door voice that repeats five or more times before every door closing, and then another five or so times because the operator flicks the door switch to let in that rushing passenger (or the passenger who uses a baby carriage to block the door (baby included), which I've seen happen a few times).

In short, I'm pissed at Metro's inability to keep the trains running, and their perpetual deceptiveness when it comes to how bad the system is.

Anonymous said...

At 6ish - maybe 6:15?, I hopped on the Metro at Foggy Bottom. When we got to Rosslyn, we deboarded. The platform looked like one of those lame "Day After Tomorrow" armageddon/disaster movies. I actually felt bad for the Metro employees though, they were having a hard time convincing people that the train was out of service.

I'm happy I live in Courthouse and could walk home; I'm pissed that I paid Metro $1.65 for a pretty shit day of commuting - I walked the 3 miles to work this morning rather than put up with delays.

Michael said...

I wrote you an email just before I left work, around 5:20. I arrived at West Falls Church at 7pm, just in time to catch my 553 bus. Of course, it was two buses later than I had original wanted.

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