Thursday, February 5, 2009

Documenting its Shortcomings

This should have been our first post, but we're learning.

Metro actually does a pretty good job, at least it would appear, of documenting incidents. Here's the summary for Feb. 2:

--Six trains were taken out of service that day
--McPherson Square station was temporarily closed due to reports of smoke.
--Ridership, according to Metro's stats, was up about 35,000 over the same day last year.

Feb. 3

-Five trains taken out of service

Feb. 4

--Four trains taken out of service

Do you think the number of trains taken out of service in a day is on par with comparable mass transit systems?

**Thanks to reader "Michael" for answering this question with a great piece of research.

Photo: John Morris


Anonymous said...

That seems like a lot of trains to take out of service in one day.

Anonymous said...

I lived in NYC for several years and was a regular MTA rider. I can't think of one time a train was taken out of service. It's a MUCH uglier and dirtier system up there, but for moving people around, it's better than Metro.

Michael said...

I did a study of this, here:

Basically, for the month of May 2008, WMATA trains broke down on average twice as often as New York's worst subway line, the "V".

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