Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More on Bridging the $154 Million Gap

The Washington Post has an article today talking about the possibility of Metro charging for weekend parking and other service cutbacks that have been in the news. Metro board Chairman Jim Graham said it was too early to talk specific cuts. Here's the key graph:

"This has needlessly agitated our riding public," he said. The board must first continue "extensive scrubbing" of expenses and get a "full understanding" of how the pending economic stimulus package could help Metro's budget.

Of course it has agitated the public and further tarnished Metro's image.

In other news, the Examiner has a great piece about Metro's failure to capitalize on increased usage. Among the possible reasons cited is the changing habits of riders who are using Metro more on offpeak hours to save money.

An entertaining article on

MSNBC weighs in

Anyone out there have any ideas for Metro?

Oh, and as free Metro reading fare goes, we think the Examiner is vastly superior to Express yet you hardly see anyone reading it.

Photo: John Morris


Glenn said...

Can't agree re: your opinion on the Examiner vs. Express contest. The Examiner often has a snippy, right-wing slant to its poitical articles that I find unseemly (reminds me of the style of the New York Post - not a compliment).

Plus, the Examiner has no comics nor sudoku. Hands down, have to go with Express!

Glenn said...

PS - Despite your Examiner preference, I do enjoy reading your blog very much.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

Thanks. Glad you like the blog.

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