Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Metro Hilarity

Yes. This was made by Metro.

Of all Metro's problems, cleanliness isn't one of them. It's one of the cleanest subways we've ever been on. Enjoy another Metro PSA.


Matt' said...

It's a corny advertisement, but it's a bigger deal than it seems. While Metro is by and large a clean system, newspapers and other trash can be blown onto trackways and into tunnels. When in contact with the third rail, it can cause track fires. When a track fire occurs, stations and track segments can be closed, sometimes for hours.

So, even though newspapers don't inconvenience most passengers directly, it is important to get people to dispose of them properly to stop fires.

Anonymous said...

How do much dirtier metros, like NYC, avoid fire issues? There is all kinds of stuff on the railbeds there.

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