Friday, February 6, 2009

If They're Looking for Cuts...

As we learn more about Metro, it keeps getting more interesting and bizarre. Did you know that they produce "audiocasts?" Did you know they have their own YouTube channel? These can be worthy avenues for getting across a message, but are these really wise choices for Metro? For example, the "elimination of paper transfers" audiocast was issued in Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, Cantonese and English. Was that really necessary, and if so, what about Spanish? Does anyone really download and listen to Metro audiocasts anyway?

Today, there's a new audiocast that summarizes delays and detours, elevator outages and even offers up some suggestions for "Getting Some Culture" like the National Museum of African Art or a sporting event.

Do you listen to Metro audiocasts or watch their YouTube videos? Do you think they're useful?

Photo: John Morris


Michael said...

Your idea would probably save WMATA at most $250,000, if that. It just doesn't take tham much in the way of public relations staff to make and distribute this content. How do you cut the other $72,750,000 needed to balance?

And don't say "Advertising". WMATA would have to triple its revenue from advertising just to close the shortfall. But WMATA wouldn't be able to do that just by tripling ad space, because each additional ad competes with the others for buyers. Based on the evidence I see (ads for events that stay up months beyond the event date), I would guess that WMATA's advertising contractor is having a hard time as it is filling all of the ad space with paying customers. If they had paying customers the ads would be changing out, not lingering for months.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

Your point is well taken. I wasn't arguing that cutting audiocasts would make a huge impact on the bottom line, but again what we're dealing with to a large degree is the perception of Metro as incompetent, untrustworthy of public support, etc. In my opinion, audiocasts in Cantonese is red meat to those who don't want to pay for a good mass transit system.

Anonymous said...

Total waste of money!!

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