Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's the Etiquette?

This little item in the Examiner got us thinking about certain Metro etiquette, the dos and don'ts, if you will. Obviously, as in this case, urinating on the platform or in the train is a definite don't, but the other day we had an experience we wanted to get your view on.

We're perfectly happy to give up our seat to a handicapped person, an elderly person, a pregnant woman, but the other day, on a very crowded train, there was an incredibly obese person who got on. There were no seats left, and this person was having a hard time with Metro's signature stops and starts. Now, we'll admit it, we have "fattist" tendencies but are fully aware that for some people, obesity is a disease, not a lifestyle choice. It's hard to tell.

We opted not to give up the seat in this case. Nor did anyone else, for that matter. Were we wrong?

In other news:

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Anonymous said...

Tough one, but if you're that fat, maybe you shouldn't ride metro

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