Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ogling On the Job

We’ve often wondered how it’s possible for so many Metro trains to over or undershoot stations, many times ending up not being able to service the station.
Red Line rider “Chad” may have some insight:
I arrived at the Glenmont station this morning just as the train was arriving. I had a fleeting thought that it might be a pretty good Metro day. Then, I hear some weird animal sounds as the train is pulling in, and it's the operator, with his head hanging out the window, looking BEHIND HIM, ogling some girl! He was not paying the least bit of attention to what was going on in front of him.
Apparently his shift was almost done, so when the train stopped, he left the operator’s cabin, went out on the platform, checked her out through the window, CAME BACK ON THE TRAIN, hit on her some more and, after apparently being rejected, bailed just as the doors were closing.

More bad behavior:
Napping on the job?
Eating in the system
Not giving a sh*t

Other news:
Dedicated funding a step closer! (WaPo)
Fare increases likely next year (WTOP)
Growing stations/shrinking stations (GGW)

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Anonymous said...

Well, hang on, lets see the object of his attention before you criticize the employee.

If it was one I saw the other day with a UN bag, amazing legs and hair like a New York model, I'd stop the train too...

Anonymous said...

While that is totally inappropriate and stupid on the highest level imaginable; the trains are controlled by computer and so the operator has no direct control over where the train stops at the station. Which is probably lucky for us, if the guy was hanging his head out of the window, that they don't 'drive' the trains... I'm glad I'm a guy so I don't have to worry about being oggled on my commute; and I don't blame the woman for rejecting him; I have yet to see a decent-looking transit employee other than a few of the fresh new cops they have hired ;-)

Golden Silence said...

"Well, hang on, lets see the object of his attention before you criticize the employee.

If it was one I saw the other day with a UN bag, amazing legs and hair like a New York model, I'd stop the train too..."

And people like you are the reason why street harassment is allowed to persist.

Tony said...

Considering that the Red Line trains I take at roughly the same time each day never stop at the same spot makes me skeptical that drivers don't have control over the trains stop. Some stop right before entering the tunnels, others waaaaayyy back from it.

I have a general sense which door to enter, anticipating that it will open near the foot of the escalator at my destination, but it's really an educated guess because the drivers stop anywhere within 2-3 meters of each other.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, there I am not concerned about 'ogling' that may happen or may just serve to feed one's delusions of beauty grandeur. Where exactly is this ogling occurring? 2/3 of American Adults are overweight or obese. So get over yourselves. If you don’t want to be ogled, then ride public transportation in Europe. Trust me, you won’t be ogled. I am more concerned about whether or not Metro has addressed the problem which caused the June crash and truly honest about what caused it. One's life should not end while going to of coming from work - passenger or metro employee.

Anonymous said...

Um...a few years ago, I once had a metro employee who was manning the Brookland Station's booth ask me if I was single and then if I wanted to go to a hotel. My roommate indicated that the same one once advised her that she needed a sugar daddy before leering at her.
Really disturbing - the man was old enough to be my father yet indiscriminately hits shell-shocked/innocent college freshmen!

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