Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh LAWD! It's a Malfunction!

Yesterday, we saw Metro summed up in one photo, and today, we have the Metro experience summed up in a single sentence.

Next time our train stops for no apparent reason, we'll definitely be thinking of this.

After 5 seconds, plenty o' NSFW language and mediocre rewards.

Other items:
Metro hates you and Sick customer (Yellow Peril)


Anonymous said...

Priceless. Certainly better than my experience in Anacostia 2 years ago "Man's been shot! Man's been shot!"

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's funnier, the "Oh LAWD" lady or the white chick behind the camera trying to talk to her "Oh Gurl it's the wave!" and then her little song 1:30.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the camera girl is clearly white.

AB101 said...

Yeah, seriously - I'm a white girl and I cringed when I heard the camera girl say "oh girl, it's the wave"

I pray she is drunk because she sounds like a complete and total moron and her little boop de boop song and her following comments are too much.

But that woman in the beginning is too funny!

Caity Bierman said...

k, I gotta say. I was riding the nyc subway this week. I know people don't believe me, but god is it a breath of fresh air from the dc metro. The new cars are clean and streamline. no ugly orange carpets, nice clean blue seats, that are all up against the wall so you don't have to make people move when you have to get up. There are nice electronic subway line maps, and it tells you the next stop and the following stops. god is it nice.
Even the NJ Path train had new cars and they had tvs in them! with news and such. I was amazed. There is so much dc metro is missing out on. They need a serious design update, they are hideous and outdated. The only good thing is that we have the countdowns in the platform, but in nyc you don't ever have to wait 20 effing minutes for a train, so its really not a problem!

Anonymous said...

Caity - you can't compare NY Subway to Metro. I don't know why everyone always tries to do that; they are not even close to being the same beast.

Anonymous said...

Watched a documentary, Washington in the '70s, on WETA a couple of weeks ago and they had footage from when Metro first opened and all I could think was "I've probably ridden on that car recently."

@Caity: I've waited 20 minutes for trains in NYC plenty of times. And then there was the time the guy working on the track bed told me flat out that I couldn't get where I wanted to do (Uh, then why the f*** is the station open, dude?)

Anonymous said...

@Caity: There are a few trains in NYC that have electronic maps that tell you what the next stop is, but it's not on many of them.

Also, in NYC they are constantly closing lines in one direction forcing you to go 30-40 blocks in the wrong direction, then switch and head toward your original destination. Not cool.

Plus their platforms have rats and smell like urine.

I complain about the Metro almost every day, but they do get some things right.

Jamie Noguchi said...

Oh god, the camera chick and the "Perculator." Drunk camera chick is no good.

And thanks for the shout out!

Anonymous said...

I hate these people.

Anonymous said...

The white chick sounds like she's trying to act in a minstrel show. What an idiot.

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