Friday, March 12, 2010

Secret Gunn Memo Revealed

David L. Gunn, a so-called transit guru, issued his secret (ooohhhhh), oral report to WMATA’s Board of Directors in a flailing attempt to rerail Metro.

Gunn’s top recommendations, according to Metro?
  • Resolve safety issues;
  • Recruit a new premanent [sic] general manager;
  • Deal with deteriorating financial trends; and
  • Control escalating MetroAccess subsidies.
According to the Washington Post, another critical insight provided by Gunn was that Metro has nearly double the absentee rate among its workers compared to other transit agencies. Way to keep it real ATU 689. What was it their president once said about coming to work "every day"...

So yeah, Gunn got 20 grand to come up with that stuff. As @NOVA_Dad said, "I could have done an assessment for $100 bucks and a case of imported beer, and the results would have been the same."

The rest of Gunn’s report was filled with common sense pretty much anyone who rode Metro or read an article about Metro in the past year could have come up with. To be fair, common sense is a rare commodity at WMATA, so perhaps it was worth it.

Unsuck DC Metro has obtained a leaked, written copy (Word) of the “Gunn Paper,” which was given orally to the WMATA Board of Directors. At a price of $20K, we riders were given the report another way.

Another 200,000 dimes flushed.

More advice for Metro (at least it was free)

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Matt said...

You know, most (not all, but most) consultant-produced reports I've seen frequently can be categorized as "obvious" or "common sense." But usually they're necessary to cut through the management BS.

Anonymous said...

How DO I get one of these jobs? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'd do it for free if I thought WMATA would act on any of my suggestions

Anonymous said...

I told you. WTF is up with the fare increase and yet they're paying this guy 20k? GTFO with that BS!

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

"To be fair, common sense is a rare commodity at WMATA, so perhaps it was worth it."

Sweet, sweet pwnage.

Anonymous said...

Why pay him $20K when all they gotta do is read this blog? harrumph!

Anonymous said...

zimmerman ......still thinking about the report...whats the matter can't handle the truth!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

$20k and he didn't even have to type it up? Damn!

Anonymous said...

yeah honestly, you can work for WMATA, just not show up, and not get fired? they do realize that this is not acceptable in any other employment situation, right?

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