Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rider Hall of Shame: Manicure Mary

From DMC:
March 23 at about 10:30 a.m. on the Red Line from Silver Spring to DC. This woman pulled out her nail clippers and started loudly and disgustingly clipping her fingernails for about five minutes. Obviously, a person with no sense of basic manners, which is becoming more and more frequent on Metro.

@kevin_reiss Don't mind the rest of us on the train while you clip your nails & apply smelly polish. #wmata

Complete Rider Hall of Shame

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Anonymous said...

Boorish behavior in public is becoming unbearable for me. What to do?

Zipcode said...

I was on a circulator and a guy started clipping his nails, thats just disgusting. As I was sitting in traffic on the 14th Street - two cars in a row and the females were doing their eye makeup -- good lord idiots are abundant

Anonymous said...

You gotta feel bad for the guy trapped on the inside.

Seriously, who is that boorish to act like that in public?

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget those ladies who feel they need to touch up their polish on the train. That may be even worse, as the smell is enough to make the entire car high. Ew.

Southpaw018 said...

This happened to me once, except I was wearing headphones and didn't hear the sound until A FLYING FINGERNAIL HIT ME IN THE NECK. It's the only time I've ever actually yelled at someone on the train.

Katt said...

I don't understand all the complaining. If someone is sitting next to you doing something disgusting then say something. The offenders don't care if they bother you, then bother them by asking them not to do (insert disgusting habit here) that on the train.

I had someone start clipping their nails next to me and I politely asked them to stop and guess what..they did. I've also done this same thing in a restaurant where rude parents let their unruly kids run all around the tables, ruining our dining experience. It has worked everytime.

I may get a glare, or someone may tell me to f*off, but you know what, I haven't had that happen yet. Most folks are too embarrased by me pointing out their rude behaviour to call more attention to themselves.

My motto: "If you don't ask for something, don't complain when nothing happens"

Anonymous said...

The thing that has pissed me off lately is when an elderly person or pregnant woman is standing on a crowded train and nobody offers them a seat. I saw this a couple of nights ago during rush hour. A man in probably his 80s was standing in the back. Nobody got up for him. There were young, able-bodied people in the priority seats, and none of them got up. I really felt like I should have said something, but I didn't want to start anything.

Maybe I'm the problem. :)

Anonymous said...

Funny you should post this. On Tuesday morning I was headed to Union Station to take the Acela to NY...6:15am, Orange Line...incessant nail clipping from the woman behind me. I kept giving those movie theatre "half turns" and then a "three-quarter turn," but alas, it did me no justice. How should this topic be broached? You there! That's a hazard to public health!

Anonymous said...

1:15 - "Hey, it costs us to clean up your mess. Do your business where it your bathroom."

Anonymous said...

Earlier post states: My motto: "If you don't ask for something, don't complain when nothing happens"

Yeah right. What if the "happens" is the idiot clipper is nuts and starts in on your face with those clipper fists, or worse, a gun? Read about the road rage incident with the kid in the car? Think it is only confined to cars?

Anonymous said...

One should not have to ask for that which should be common courtesy and civilized bahavior in public.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've witnessed nail clipping for 20 years, but never seen women do it. I guess they're getting in on the game now. There's a guy who does it at work. I'm always amazed at the audacity.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous March 26, 2010 8:28 AM. . . Um, nice thought about common courtesy and civilized behavior, but these days it's extremely hard to come by.

Billy Reid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Billy Reid said...

I will call that out no problem, generally with a, "are you kidding me?" with a serious/slightly confused/kinda pissed look in my eyes.

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