Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cop's Priorities Out of Whack

From anonymous:
An [police officer] at Silver Spring Metro stopped me because I was going though the gate but my card did not register.

I stopped and gave him my card, which is a handicapped card (half fare) and the ID that Metro gave me to buy such cards, with a letter from my audiologist (I am hearing impaired.).

The officer took my ID card and put it in the manager's booth. I was not given it back.

He told me "this is an elderly person's card."

No it's not, it is the handicapped card that was issued to me by WMATA.

He then denied I had given him my WMATA-issued ID and wrote me a ticket.

When I complained that he had confiscated my card, I was told to sit down or face arrest.

I signed the ticket because it's better than a night in jail.

I am fighting this.
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