Friday, December 21, 2012

Come, Re-live Metro's 2012

 These were the most viewed posts of the year:
  1. Rider Alleges Terrifying Incident
  2. Bye Metro
  3. Riders Reportedly Injured as Escalator Breaks
  4. Band-Aid Approach
  5. What's that Foul Smell?
  6. Doors Open on Moving Train
  7. Stuck in the Middle
  8. Where's the Dupont Escalator Party Now?
  9. GM Sarles, Jackie Jeter Respond to Washington Times article
  10. Riders Report Early Metro Shutdown

Thanks to everyone who contributed as well as all the readers, tweeps and friends on Facebook. Also thanks to all the Metro people who've come forward and shared their stories!

Happy holidays, and see you in 2013, barring some major Metro news.

Keep your stories coming!

Other items:
Metro ridership, revenue continue to fall (WAMTA/PDF)
Metro police chief stepping down (WaPo)
Visually impaired call for better lighting (Examiner)
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