Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vienna Construction Delayed, Likely Botched

This is by the south parking garage. They had all of it poured, and had the structures installed. Then a few days ago, jack hammer central. 

Back in February, Metro announced  there would be some major construction at the Vienna Metro. They said it would take "approximately six months."

Here we are in December, and the project is not yet done.

One rider has noticed the screw ups.

Remember it was at Vienna that Metro took nearly a year to build a staircase.

From G.:
 I am curious about the Vienna project. Have you heard any news, delays, or cost over runs? I walk by there every morning, and a few things have me worried.

I'm not construction expert, but it would seem to me that when you pour concrete roads and sidewalks, its kind of expensive to tear it all up and re-pour.

I have witnessed several such events. They poured concrete side walks by south garage, even put in the mounts for the lights and started putting in the bus shelters.

Then I noticed yesterday, that they had to jack hammer around all of the light pole fixtures. Not sure, but they were jack hammering dangerously close to the brand new shiny bus shelters. Not sure if any were damaged but wouldn't be surprised.

Also, last week they tore up the new concrete in the street, and they had to repair the garage exit stairs.

Another thing is walker safety. With the new daily traffic patterns, not enough overhead lighting and unmarked crossing lines, its a bit unsafe to navigate on foot. Do they have completion target dates for this project?

G. said the temporary bus shelters are still in use some 10 months after they were moved.
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