Thursday, September 24, 2009

Communications Consultants Paying Off at Metro

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Well folks, Catoe's back in for another three years. According to Gordon Linton, an alternate board member from Maryland, "We measure him by his performance -- not by the noise or things that have happened on his watch, but by his performance."

Sadly, we still will have to listen to Metro's ever more expensive noise.

According to the Post, Metro has hired not one, but two communications consultants to help with their abysmal communication strategies. While they're spending away our money for help with common sense at $275 an hour, perhaps they should throw in a proofreader, too. Today's press release on Orange Line maintenance is a great example. (H/T CS)

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Anonymous said...

Communications consultants?! Does this mean "Complete the Tweet" could be going the way of the buffalo?

Anonymous said...

Why not have a transit system that works well enough so tha tyou dont have to go around explaining yourself the whole time?!?

Seysmar said...

Ha! Good grief!

kmb said...

And WMATA already fixed it on their site, giving no explanation nor notice of the change. I thought they were big on accountability now? THanks WMATA>

Unsuck DC Metro said...

They got on that fast.

Anonymous said...

Um, aren't things that happen on your watch a part of your performance? For example, the noise of a major train collision due to system failures that Mr. Catoe said were a "freak occurance" but in actuality had nearly happened before?

Anonymous said...

I can barely afford to get to work as it is. I have no car. Too old to handle ye ole bike. And my fees are going to go up so they can have others tell them what to do. I'd rather keep the complete the tweet. At least I get a good laugh for my money at times.

Anonymous said...

If they fixed it that fast, someone is reading this blog. Power to the tweets!... I mean peeps!

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