Monday, September 21, 2009


"[Poor personal driving records] might be an early indicator for somebody who has some other sets of problems. The sooner you find out the better, but the only way for Metro to find out is to essentially meticulously go through everybody's driving record and request {the records} on all 2,500 or so operators. One of the things I'm interested in looking at is whether we need action with our jurisdictions."

--Metro Board member and chairman of the Metro Safety Committee Chris Zimmerman
as quoted by WTOP regarding the difficulty of checking Metro operators' personal driving records as is done in LA, according to the story.

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Anonymous said...

Give me a break. Is Metro the ONLY business not concerned about an employee's driving record when they are going to hire them to drive? The fact they are so behind is who's fault? The customer, I'm sure.

What next? Hospitals not bothering to check credentials on heart surgeons? ("Why yes, I am a surgeon -- they just didn't ask what type. I do my best work on salmon and trout!")

Anonymous said...

Now, Mr. Zimmerman holds degrees in economics and politial science. How does that qualify this person to hold a position that puts him in charge of what can be best described as industrial safety?
The biggest tragedy of those Examiner reports is not the amount of money being paid at Metro, but the disconnect between the job title and the qualifications of those holding them.
There are literaly engineers at Metro, title and salary, who never made it past High School.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't think checking the driving records of 2,500 would be too onerous, and even if it were, they're driving around large numbers of people for money. Get on it Metro! Constantly amazed by the slackness.

James said...

Zimmerman always strikes me as one of the more together people on the board, but this comment is silly.

Anonymous said...


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