Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Blue/Yellow Lines Delays?

We were wondering why, in the wake of repairs to the Blue and Yellow lines over the past weekend, there are still delays. We asked Metro, and this is what they said:

"There are two separate issues causing a slow down on the Blue and Yellow lines. First, due to the weekend maintenance, it is normal to have a speed restriction in place for a couple of days after any major work to ensure everything is working as expected. This restriction is expected to be removed tomorrow.

Second, there is a track circuit problem around Potomac Yard, which is also causing a speed restriction.

There are several people here who ride these lines and said they didn’t experience any delays. Looking at the reports, there are some slowdowns totaling to a loss of about three minutes between Braddock Road and National Airport."

Let us know if the restrictions appear to have been lifted tomorrow


Anonymous said...

"...totalling a loss of about 3 minutes ... "

Yesterday I held at every station between King St. and Crystal City, and had frequent holds between stations as well. I observed a total loss of more than 30 minutes on my commute yesterday, though I will admit today's was better.

Anonymous said...

My commute home from Gallery Place to Pentagon City was ridiculous, I waited for about 30 minutes for a train at approximately 7 pm. Today was a bit better, we waited for about 10 minutes, but that was significantly earlyer, about 5:30 pm. But I feel bad complaining about that, it could be worse, it could be the red line...

Anonymous said...

Rode the yellow line this morning from Huntington and experienced several slow-downs and complete holds between Braddock Road and the airport. The delays were also announced on the radio this morning. So, no, I'd say the restrictions are not lifted.

Anonymous said...

Thank Chief Jerry Lee for this SNAFU. First, there are under 500 MTPD cops on 3 shifts to work the whole Metro system. Second, Chief Lee has made it a standing order that no TWO MTPD cops can be in any place at one time - or overlap zones inside of any metro station. His rationale is that he doesn't want police to look like they're threatening the public or to give the appearance of slacking off.

Catoe is being PC by not undermining Chief Lee's standing order - which can only otherwise be rescinded by Lee's retirement or death.

Unfortunately, this leaves areas even more understaffed -- and leaves MTPD police UNSAFE and without backup by not utilizing the buddy system they're taught throughout their two-state-and-District-academy training.

NB: If you see MTPD cops together, one is in training with his FTO.

Ultimately, it is not the police's fault -- again, it's the political posturing of the illustrious Chiefs Jerry Lee and John Catoe.

Anonymous said...

Trains still slow between Braddock Road and National Airport, likely due to yesterday's accident near Potomac Yards. Blue Line to Largo did pick up speed this morning (finally!) between National and Crystal City - first time in a long while!

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