Thursday, September 10, 2009

"M" is for Metro

From Amanda:
I took my sister, my nephew, her suitcase and her huge stroller back to Reagan yesterday via the Blue line (Yeah, yeah I'm sorry! I was one of those "stroller" people!).
We went toward the Metro elevator on the Franconia/Huntington side as you get off the train, and I noticed this little gem next to the down button.
Being able to read is clearly not a Metro job requirement.

Another great Metro typo

Other items:
Bus driver who hit jogger not on drugs (WTOP)
Metro unsafe at any speed (Examiner)

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps this sign was taken from a recent Metro tweet or it was produced by the Tweeter for Metro.

Anonymous said...

m is for mistake

Anonymous said...

Then there's the bus stop at "Massachusettes" and Garfield.

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