Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sarles Puts Employee Pensions in Firing Line

The current contract negotiations are going to be extremely interesting.

Maybe Sarles could make a goodwill gesture and take a slice off his $350,000 a year salary. Metro employees do not contribute to their pension plans.


From anonymous:
I am a current employee at WMATA and also a member of Local 2. We do contribute to our retirement account, there is no pension for Local 2, there hasn't been one since the early '90s. It is Local 689 that does not contribute to their pensions. BTW, Local 2 has approximately 700 employees in it.

Local 689's last contract has been settled through arbitration, and their cost of living increases and salary increases have been awarded. Local 2's contract is still being fought by Metro, which, by the way, asks for exactly the same cost of living increases and salary increases as 689's. Local 2 employees have not had any cost of living increases since 2008.

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