Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Be On the Lookout for this Scam

From Anonymous:
On Friday, Feb 22, at around 7 p.m., I got scammed by someone who claimed her name was Jennifer Matthews. I was just inside the  L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station. She told me she got in a car accident, missed the VRE and the slug lines, and needed to get back to Stafford to pick up her kid from daycare. She was new in town, just moved from Atlanta. She was good, had tears and everything.  She even had me call her number so we both had each other's numbers. I gave her $80 so she could go to the airport stop and catch a cab from there.  She wanted me to get money out of the ATM machine, but I refused.

I've been here for twenty years and never been scammed. First time for everything.  The one number I call, 202-727-1800 just rings and rings and rings. And the number 571-296-3544 is turned off. Just call me a sucker. My friends are going to tease me for some time about this one.

I did an internet search on the number and got these two stories from this site.
Stupid in Ballston
15 Oct 2012
The woman 'Adele' pretended that she got into a car accident, was from Atlanta, was a social worker, and needed money to go back home to her daughter. I gave her $160 for a cab ride home. I was leaving my office in Ballston when she got a hold of me. She even asked if I would go to the ATM for her. I called her today because we were going to do an exchange and the phone is turned off. I feel stupid but I was trying to do the right thing by helping a stranger out. Sucks that I was just being naive and there are some people out there who just are scammers. AVOID!!!!

Stupid in Metro Center replies to Stupid in Ballston
19 Nov 2012
Exact same thing happened to me except in person at Metro Center. Said she was pregnant and got into a car accident etc. etc. Luckily just dropped her a $20 before running away. I spent an hour with her looking for cabs and asking people at hotels how she can get back to Stafford.

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