Monday, October 17, 2011

The Blind Leading the Blind

Metro reached out to get Denise's contact information. I passed theirs to Denise, and in reply, she said:
I filed a complaint with Metro and have been emailing and calling them repeatedly since the incident, with no resolution. It took this blog to get their attention.
Original Post:
Getting trapped in Metro (and here) seems to be more commonplace.

From Denise:
I am blind and travel with a guide dog.

I left work at 6:00 the other evening. At the Foggy Bottom station, where I wanted to exit Metro, I discovered that both elevators were broken.

Of the three entrance/exit escalators, one was under repair, one was going up and one was off. I am unable to ride moving escalators.

The station manager said he was afraid my guide dog would get stepped on if we tried to walk up against the massive flow of people walking down the off escalator, so he told me to go to Farragut West and request a Metro shuttle bus to bring me back to Foggy Bottom

There were announcements on the Metro loudspeaker saying that due to the broken elevators at Foggy Bottom, a shuttle bus was available upon request at Farragut West.

I went back to Farragut West, and when I arrived there, I requested a Metro shuttle bus from the station manager.

The station manager repeatedly phoned bus central. It appeared they were basically ignoring her. I asked to speak to bus central, but she said she wasn't permitted to let me do that.

A supervisor then arrived on the scene, and she also wasn't able to get a shuttle bus.

They spent almost 90 minutes trying to get me a Metro shuttle. Bus central repeatedly informed her that they did not have a shuttle to send and couldn't find one.

Finally, I was finally sent back on the Metro to Foggy Bottom at 7:45, where the station manager showed me to non-moving escalator, which I could climb to exit the station. Kind passengers moved aside so my guide dog and I could pass.

The Metro employees were helpful, but seemed powerless faced with Metro chaos.

A trip that would normally have taken me about 30 minutes took me two hours. I have experienced Metro disorganization in the past, but never anything so deplorable and pathetic as this.
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