Monday, October 31, 2011

Endangered Species: Orange Line Station Managers

A source told me the other day that four Orange Line station managers have been suspended in the last several months, three of them after testing positive for illegal drugs.

Here are their versions of the stories:
  • A Ballston station manager left a woman stuck in an elevator for 90 minutes, and in the subsequent investigation popped positive for drugs and was suspended for 90 days.
  • In Vienna, a station manager popped positive for drugs for the second time and was suspended for six months.
  • A Dunn Loring station manager fell down on the job for no reason and subsequently tested positive for drugs. I'm not sure of the punishment.
  • Finally, a station manager at West Falls Church was busted for locking people in the station for the second time. He was "fired," the source said, but lawyered up and was able to get reinstated for promising to never do it again. This particular station manager, was apparently clean.
More on drugs later.

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