Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finders, Keepers?

From C:
At approximately 4:15 p.m. on July 4, my friends and I returned to Huntington after the Nats game. We got up to the vehicle when my friend B, realized that his phone was missing.

The train was still in the station, so he ran down the escalator and back to the car we were in. He returned without his call phone.

We went home to track his phone using the "Find My iPhone" GPS tracking software online. It told us that it was still at Huntington, so B and another friend, K, went back to the station to find it.

B spoke to one attendant, and another remained in the booth. He asked if anyone had reported a missing, white iPhone 4S. He said, "No."

So, B called me using my fiance's phone (that he borrowed) and asked us to refresh the "Find My iPhone" link. This time it said it was in Eisenhower station. So, B asked the attendant how we could get to the Eisenhower station where they take the trains out of service.

I was on the phone with him the entire time and could hear the conversation.

Well, [at the same time] B's cell phone received a text message. His text message tone is the very distinct "Go, Go, Power Rangers" tune.

He heard it and immediately knew his phone was in the pocket of the attendant who had been in the booth, and now was standing and talking to them.

I heard B say: "That's my phone." And, the attendant say: "Take your hands off me" after K had reached for it.

The attendant gave him some b.s. about how he usually likes to hold lost phones for a week to see if anyone claims it, even though he heard B looking for his phone.

If his ringtone hadn't gone off, B would NEVER have gotten his phone back.

Happy 4th of July from WMATA to a Navy veteran. How horrible!

I've left my wallet in a grocery store and had my wallet and all of its contents returned to me the NEXT day. My friend left his phone on the Metro for LITERALLY moments, and it was taken without the intent to return it.
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