Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Throw us a Bone

From M:
OK Metro. You've raised my fares and taken away my Blue Line with a lie about Rush+. You've made me late again and again with every day, multiple offloads, and I've probably sweat 20 pounds off this month alone in your broken hot cars.

You've left riders to fend for themselves when a train broke down, you've derailed, and your computers caused the whole system to stop two times. The brakes fall off, and if they don't, they smell like rotten fish, and you've tried to sneak by increased headways under the guise of helping the riders.

All of this you've done this summer alone!

All the while, you keep painting a rosy picture of how things are improving.

They're not, but you win.

I have no other choice but to take you to work. I'm stuck with you.

But I have a request. How about showing just a little customer appreciation?

I did some looking around on the web, and a lot of transit agencies do customer appreciation days, usually offering free rides for a day, partnering with a business to give away prizes people actually want or, at the very least having senior staff come meet and greet customers on the rails.

As far as I can tell you show absolutely no appreciation for the people who pay your salaries. You know only deflect and evade. Even your "improved" twitter has a lot of attitude.

Here's my idea. How about a Richard Sarles dunk tank? It'd show he is a good sport, that he was on our side, that he could take a joke, and man, it'd be a relief to hit that cool water in a hot station.

I'd even pay to have a shot and dunking him, and who knows, It might even energize the old guy.

Of course, I don't think he'd really do that but come on, Metro. Throw us a bone! Show us you care just a teeny weeny bit.

Every day, I feel like I'm handing over my money to a bunch of crooks who are laughing at me.
As a footnote, in 2004, Metro did partner with ING bank to offer for something appearing like a customer appreciation day by offering free rides. The funny part is ING paid the fares and Metro, well here's what they said:
"It has been a pleasure for us to work with ING DIRECT as promotional partners," said Metro General Manager and CEO Richard White. "This promotion is a win-win for Metro and its customers as well as for ING DIRECT. Metro is delighted to have the opportunity to give this little thank you gift to our regular customers for their loyalty to our Metro system. It’s one way for Metro to show our faithful riders that we value their business, and we hope they" ll continue to rely on Metro."
So very Metro. They got all their money yet claimed they gave something back to the riders.

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