Monday, March 21, 2011

A.M. Commute Open Thread

Via @ AbbySVU #ballston #wmata the hell?

Via @bptracey The line to get on the metro at Gallery Place/Chinatown at 9am on a Monday #wmata

Gallery Place Via Charlie

Via @mike_lock Lady just chillin on the floor during orange line rush hour this morning? @unsuckdcmetro #wmata

Via Kristen: Taken in Crystal City this AM. Didn't know the Blue Line was servicing U St!! Metro...ftw!

Here's one story from the Red Line. The Orange and Blue were majorly Metro'ed up as well. Share your stories in the comments.

From Ashley:
Today was officially, undoubtedly the worst commute ever. I didn't get into the office until 9:27. I thought I'd be here by 8:45ish.

Get to the Red Line and see that I have a 2-minute wait. No problem. 20 minutes later a train has still not come.

The girl next to me mentions she's been there for 30 minutes.

Apparently they were single tracking because of "track issues," or at least that was the excuse of the day.

A train came, I didn't make it on.

The next train came, I got on.

Five minutes later, we were still sitting in the station, and then we had to offload because the doors won't close.

We were all losing our minds, thinking it couldn't get any worse.

Meanwhile, the platform became totally packed, so we couldn't get off because there was nowhere to go.

Eventually, we managed to get off, but the douche bags on the platform wouldn't step back for us, so basically we had to push through them and get behind them. They weren't giving up their place in line for the next train.

The next train came, and we didn't make it on.

The next train came, a 6-car train! Obviously, I didn't make it on.

The next one came, and I finally managed to get on. It was packed.

What felt like 16 years later, I got to Dupont and walked up the out-of-service escalator.

Good times.

Oh and I forgot the two ladies who got into a physical fight, and the woman with a baby who had a panic attack.

At one point I tried to give up and take a taxi, but I couldn't even get out because of the masses of people.
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